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Local food served to local families

Market to Menu is all about keeping things local. This new online show is all about local ingredients prepared for local families. Chris Infinger is the chef/Owner at Beau's Southern Restaurant located in Panama City Beach Florida and full time dinner party guru. His love for food stretches beyond just one food stop and he wants to teach people how to shop and prepare dishes with ingredients from homes and farmers in your area. Utilizing farmers markets and local food stores to source as many of the ingredients as possible each episode he will shop for and prepare a delicious meal for one local family. In doing this they will experience a meal so fresh it will make them want to try these tricks themselves.

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We are looking for amazing brands and companies to show off throughout our show and help us in this educational delicious adventure. With your sponsorships, we will be able to create jobs for aspiring film makers, source the best in local ingredients and be able to bring families from around the country to be special guests. Contact us below for more information and let's get you to be a part of something amazing.

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